Mar 3, 2011

Info Security Products Guide names Veri-NAC winner of the 2011 Global Excellence in Data Leakage- Protection/Extrusion Prevention Award and Intelli-Pass winner of the 2011 Global Excellence in Intrusion Detection/Prevention Award

Info Security Products Guide names Veri-NAC winner of the 2011 Global Excellence in Data Leakage- Protection/Extrusion Prevention Award and Intelli-Pass winner of the 2011 Global Excellence in Intrusion Detection/Prevention Award

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, March 3, 2011 - Black Box Corporation (NASDAQ:BBOX), an industry-leading provider of voice communications, data infrastructure, and networking products, announced today that Info Security Products Guide, the industry's leading information security research and advisory guide, has named Veri-NAC&#8482 and Intelli-Pass&#8482 winners of 2011 Global Excellence Awards in Data Leakage-Protection/Extrusion Prevention and Intrusion Detection/Prevention respectively. More than 50 judges from a broad spectrum of industry voices from around the world participated and their average scores determined the 2011 Global Excellence Awards finalists and winners. Winners were announced during the awards dinner and presentation on February 16, 2011 in San Francisco attended by the finalists and judges.

Veri-NAC is a family of network access control (NAC) appliances from Black Box that ensures that only authorized devices gain access to a network. The system continuously scans a network, looking for unauthorized attempts to obtain an IP address, ensuring simple and effective around-the-clock protection. It also specializes in detecting vulnerabilities in LAN endpoints by regularly cross-referencing the U.S. Homeland Security's database of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs).

New among its features, Veri-NAC will be deploying malware detection that will identify present malware running on LAN endpoints. Veri-NAC will keep watch for outgoing network traffic going to known malware repositories and feature daily vulnerability and malware updates. Veri-NAC can also be configured to alert administrators of block-infected endpoints. For more information, visit

Black Box's Intelli-Pass Biometric Access Control uses next-generation fingerprint verification and a split-architecture design to offer the latest in access point control. Designed as a flexible system for government, corporate, educational, and military settings, Intelli-Pass can be set up to open a single door, or it can be linked to multiple systems through a centralized software interface. The system offers a proprietary encryption process that ensures tamper-proof communication between the reader and controller.

The family of Intelli-Pass Biometric Solutions also includes Intelli-Pass for cabinets. These finger-access locks provide the perfect blend of security and simplicity—protecting sensitive equipment and servers from tampering while providing instant, easy access to authorized users. When incorporated into IT enclosures, Intelli-Pass for cabinets eliminates the need to use keys or access cards which can be compromised, stolen, or lost. For more information, visit

"Info Security Products Guide's recognition of Veri-NAC and Intelli-Pass further validates our commitment to providing IT professionals with the right solutions for their most challenging security issues," said Terry Blakemore, Black Box president and CEO. "IT security is a top-of-mind concern for organizations of every size. Preventing network breaches and compromised data will continue to be at the forefront of IT security needs. This industry honor is a great testament to the fact that Veri-NAC and Intelli-Pass are ahead of the curve when it comes to the best-of-the-best products that can provide the highest security in Data Leakage-Protection/Extrusion Prevention and Intrusion Detection/Prevention."

For more information, visit and, or call a Black Box security expert at 800-637-9503.

About Info Security Products Guide Info Security Products Guide sponsors leading conferences and expos worldwide and plays a vital role in keeping end-users informed of the choices they can make when it comes to protecting their digital resources. It is written expressly for those who are adamant on staying informed of security threats and the preventive measure they can take. You will discover a wealth of information in this guide including tomorrow's technology today, best deployment scenarios, people and technologies shaping info security and independent product evaluations that facilitate in making the most pertinent security decisions. The Info Security Products Guide Awards recognize and honor excellence in all areas of information security. To learn more, visit and stay secured.

About Black Box Black Box is a leading technical services company dedicated to designing, building and maintaining today's complicated data and voice infrastructure systems. Black Box services more than 175,000 clients in 141 countries with 196 offices throughout the world. To learn more, visit the Black Box Web site at

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Veri-NAC prevents network breaches from unauthorized network connections.

Intelli-Pass Biometric Access Control is a fingerprint identification system for ultimate security.

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